Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This will be short but I really felt like saying it. I love Thanksgiving. It is, in many ways, the only "sacred" holiday we have. I know, Thanksgiving is not an actual religious holiday. In many ways that makes it the most amazing holiday in the world. Thanksgiving is not limited to a certain religion or ethnicity. It is not governed by political views or affiliations. There are no ties to any set beliefs or practices. Even those who don't believe in God can recognize the bounty they enjoy. Everyone can participate in this holiday. What better representation of the American spirit can there be?

After living in countries where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, I have gained a deeper and stronger appreciation for this day. As a nation, we are unique in the world. Our country was founded on principles of freedom that made us stand out then and now. We are not encumbered with centuries of tradition and history. We are not fighting battles that have been fought for countless generations. We are free from so many of the elements that hinder our neighbors in this world. Is it any wonder that we have a day each year to recognize our blessings and offer our thanks for them?

I believe that this day and the feelings it represents are what make America a truly blessed nation. I hope we all continue to carry thanks in our hearts for all that we have, including the freedoms of this wonderful country. Happy Thanksgiving!

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