Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Superpowers 101: Military Homecoming Posters

We were a few short weeks from the end of my husband's deployment.

The kids were so excited they were literally bouncing off the walls!

I needed to channel all that excess energy in a way that would let them focus on their Daddy coming home.

I decided it was time to make the posters.

I searched the Internet for ideas. Pinterest. Military sites. I tried every kind of search keyword combination I could think of. I found a lot of generic stuff.
"We love you"
"We missed you"
"Welcome Home"

I found a few that were suggestive and not really something a child would say to their dad. I was getting frustrated.

My husband would be home shortly after Valentine's Day. As I looked at all the silly little cards my kids gave and received for Valentine's Day I got a few ideas. I realized that the message of the posters was that the kids loved and missed their Daddy. I also realized that some of the kids had short attention spans. I was delighted to find a way of keeping them engaged in the project.

Here are the ideas we used.

This is a picture of a good memory he had with his Dad.

This was going to say "You are the best Daddy in the world" but she forgot so we left it the way it is.

This has transformers that my son chose and colored himself. It says "My hero is more than meets the eye!"

This one just says "I love you" with a picture of her and Daddy...and lots of hearts!

"Daddy, I care-a-lot about you!" with Carebears she chose and glued onto the poster.

"My hero doesn't wear a mask". He chose and colored his other favorite superheros and drew a picture of himself and Daddy as superheros.

I saw some other cool ideas in the hangar that night. One that I especially liked was a large arrow that said "Report here" then the name of the soldier.

I realized that making a memorable, meaningful poster doesn't have to be fancy. It doens't require a lot of skill either. Just a little thought and some creativity.

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