Thursday, March 15, 2012

Superwoman Bakes a Cake

I always make a personalized cake for my kids' birthdays. Here are few of my favorites.

The second birthday is really the best. That is when they actually know what cake is!

Tron Light cycle cake.

Turned out pretty good, huh?

Transformer battle cake

Another version of a Tangled cake.

Gingerbread House/Birthday Cake
This cake is made with just a gingerbread cookie recipe. I used a paper template to cut out the house and cookie cutters for the smaller shapes. I used homemade butter cream frosting for the white and Wilton colored frosting tubes for the red and green. I used sprinkles to decorate as desired.
The windows were made from melted hard candy left over from Halloween. I put crushed candy into the openings cut with cookie cutters and let them melt in the oven for a few minutes. I baked everything on silicone baking sheets and let them cool before removing. It turned out great!

Construction Cake
My mom found these construction truck candles. I created this cake around the candles we already had. I used Kit Kat candy bars for the lettering and the "dirt".

Sunshine Cake

This wasn't my first Sunshine Cake. This one has more details. I used pre-made red for the face. I used red and yellow colored sugar sprinkles for the "rays". I made a paper stencil for the wavy parts. The rays are just sugar cones covered with yellow frosting. I used store-bought frosting with yellow food coloring.

Swimming Pool Cake
This was REALLY tricky! The blue is Jell-o. It leaked through the frosting that was supposed to cover "pool" floor.If you try this make sure you have a very thick layer of frosting with no gaps!
 Everything else is candy of colored frosting. Teddy Grahams for the people, Skittles for the tiles. gum for the chairs and floats. Starburst for the lifeguard chair.

Cheeseburger Cake
I used 2 cake mixes for this. I used white frosting with a little chocolate mixed in for light brown. I used Cocoa Krispies for the texture on the burger. I used other colored frosting for green, red, and yellow. I covered graham crackers for the cheese, covered Ritz crackers for the pickles and rice cakes for the tomatoes. Marshmallows for the eyes.

Avatar; The Last Airbender Cake
I thought this would be hard but once I figured out how I could do it this was actually pretty simple. The Fire Nation ships are Graham crackers covered in Wilton black frosting. The Water Tribe ice wall is marshmallows. The other details are teddy grahams and pre-colored frosting. 

Rapunzel/ Tangled Cake
This is a layer of several different cakes held together with a large skewer. The roof of the tower is a large sugar cone. I also used graham crackers to make a ledge and a door. (I used toothpicks to hold things up as needed). The rest is Wilton frosting tubes in various colors. I used sugar pearls for the center of each flower.


Castle Birthday Cake

I have also made other castles cakes. This one is is less involved than others. I made a square layer cake for the center. The towers are cake cones and large sugar cones. I used store-bought spray frosting and colored frosting for the decoration. I used sugar wafer cookies for stairs and battlements.

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Lydia Davis said...

wonderful cakes! I was trying to pick a favorite, but I don't think I can. I love the details on your swimming pool cake. The Rapunzel cakes are gorgeous. The hamburger is fun and I love the sun. What a great mommy to do this for your kids. :)