Thursday, January 7, 2010

Super rewards: Humor, part 1

I thought we might all enjoy a little comic relief. As a mother, humor seems to be built into my day. Here are a few of the funny things my kids have said or done. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

As the weather has gotten colder, my kids have been bundling up. My 8 year old daughter came in the other day and said "I hate wearing these winter hats. They make my hair ecstatic!"

I was watching a program on the History channel with my 9 year old son. They were talking about possible reasons that dinosaurs are extinct. After a few minutes he said "They are wrong. That is not how dinosaurs died." "Oh, really? How did they die?" He gave me an exasperated sigh and said "From instinct."

My three year old is learning letters. He excitedly points to W and says "Look, Mommy it's me!" "No, that's double-u." "Yes!" he says with even more enthusiasm "Double-Me!"

When my daughter was about 2 1/2 she began noticing some differences between her body and mine. I explained that those round things on my chest were called breast. I told her that everyone has breast but they are different shapes and sizes. She smiled then looked down the front of her shirt. She looked back at me with wide-eyed shock and said "I lost 'em!"

A few years ago my kids started telling me that "Daddy is going to die soon." This made me very unsettled. After several weeks, I finally decided to get to the bottom of their morbid declaration. "Why do you keep saying that Daddy is going to die?" There answer was not what I expected. "He is the biggest person we know so he must be really old. When you get old you die so I guess he will die really soon!" (This was again illustrated when they said that the short, elderly couple at church were only a few years older than them.)

I was explaining Leprosy to my children one day. I explained that it was a terrible disease that makes your skin fall off. Long ago, there was no treatment and people who had the disease were sent to live together in a Leper Colony so they would not give it to other people. When I was finished, my 9 year old nodded and said "Okay. I just have one question. Why did they have to go live with Leprechauns?"

My 3 year old has been going through a "naked phase" He came to me a few days ago in just his superman underwear and asked if he could "fly" off the couch. I said "No, but what you can do is go get some clothes and put them on your body." He gave me smile and said "Um, Mommy? That's not gonna happen."

Feel free to share your own funny stories and comments from your kids!

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Amy said...

I love all of those stories, hilarious!!! I will try to post some from my kids when I think of some!