Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Superpowers 101: Endulging A Girly-Girl On A Budget

My daughters and I are all fans of Fancy Nancy, probably because my girls are so much like her. They have always loved dressing up in random, frilly, colorful, shiny stuff.

This school year, the kids were asked to dress as a character from a book instead of a Halloween costumes. In a last-minute brainstorm, I made "Fancy Nancy" headbands for the girls. They loved them. We decided to make some a Christmas gifts for the younger nieces.

A few months ago, I found a bag of flowers at Walmart in the craft department. Apparently, they had gathered all the flowers that had fallen off the artificial flowers and crammed them into a bag, then sold the whole thing for a dollar in the remnants bid. It was a steal! There were lots of different flowers and leaves. It gave me quite a variety.

For this project, I did buy a couple of bouquets of flowers, mostly because we wanted lilies for Lily. I bought headbands at Dollar Tree. We "painted" school glue on the petals and leaves and sprinkled with glitter. We used chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) and hot glue to attach the flowers.


Diann R. said...

Love that last one, especially! What a pretty girl he makes! Ha, ha, ha!

Cathy of Eyelash Conditioner said...

Wow you look nice in different hair dresses. Lovely post keep it up!