Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For those of you who don't know, baby number 7 was born January 27, 2010. This happened to be the 10th birthday of our oldest son, meaning that we had 7 kids in EXACTLY 10 years!. Our kids are also boy, girl, boy, girl, all the way down the line. 2 feats we could not have accomplished if we tried! Other "fun facts", one of my best friends was born that day, as was the son of my college roommate and a boy I had a crush on when I was 12. Weird, huh?

We are all doing well, although if my kids have another snow day I might run away! They have only gone to school 3 days since the baby was born. While they are helpful in some ways, they also make more work. They want to be fed and entertained and need their fights refereed. When the older kids were at school, the younger 2 fought over my lap all day long. At one point I had three small children on my lap at one time. Nothing makes you feel loved like sibling rivalry!

Well, that is about all I have time to write for now. I will post again when I get a chance. I still have plenty to say, I just can't type very well with a full lap.


Amy said...

Congratulations again! I have to ask again, because I was never clear. Was this baby a surprise to all, including you? And if so, Holy Cow!! I love the fun facts. That is so cool that he was born on Patrick's birthday!!

Unknown said...

You are so great! Sounds like it's time to get one of those programs that types as you talk! Of course it might add a few too many, "no, my mommy"s to the blog if the lap is constantly a battle ground!

Congrats on the newest cutie pie. He is so handsome. I wish we were there to meet him in person. Miss you all tons!

tkangaroo said...

That is impressive! You really are a superwoman! Congrats to your whole family!

Emily said...

Congrats!! My youngest brother was born on my sister's 10th birthday also, and he was also #7. But I'm the oldest, and I was 14 at the time, so we're a bit more spread out.