Sunday, August 15, 2010

Superwoman VS Underestimation

Yesterday was a Stake Primary activity. I ended up in a room full of 55 kids between 3 and 5 years old. The theme of the activity was "A Walk Through Jesus' Life." The bigger kids went from room to room learning about Jesus. The little kids, on the other hand, stayed in one place the whole time.

There were more kids than the Stake leaders had expected. They were crammed around 5 large tables so tightly that they could not move their chairs (Which was probably a good thing!). I stayed on one side of the room, helping write names on colored pages and entertaining the table where some boys from our ward were sitting/fighting.

At one point, they were coloring pictures of the temple and listening to the story of Jesus teaching in the temple as a young man. One child announced to the group that Jesus had died. Another said "No, He is still alive in Heaven." A third child clarified, "Jesus died but then he came alive again. Then he went to Heaven." The others kids all nodded their heads in agreement.

As I listened and watched this interaction I couldn't help smiling. It was so sweet. But as I thought about it, I found myself crying. It wasn't just cute. It was truth. Not just speculation or the imaginative musings of youth. Those kids were confident. They were bearing their testimonies with each other in a very pure and simple way. They had done this without being asked. They had just done it. There was no arguing either. When the fullness of that truth was presented, they all agreed.

I was reminded once again of how easy it is to underestimate children. We think they aren't listening. We think the message won't get through or that it is too boring for a child. That is the foolishness of grown-ups. It is our job, as parents, leaders, and teachers to teach them. The Lord will make up the difference. We just have to do our part.


tkangaroo said...

Completely. As I got the calling to teach in Primary, I (very selfishly) thought that I wasn't going to get anything out of it. That I was going to be a glorified babysitter.

As I watched them respond today, I realized that I could be touched by the spirit just as much as they could--our lessons could be an amazing experience where we learn together. I was very humbled by my experience today and very proud of my kids.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I may need it later. ;)

Alaina said...

That is just too sweet. Isn't it amazing how even the smallest of testimonies can strengthen our own? (And it is good to know that even our smallest children are learning these things!)