Thursday, July 21, 2011

Superpowers101: Writing

A few days ago I commented on another blog. The author had said that she sometimes had to remind herself that blogs are a show, that they frame the best parts of life and often avoid the boring, mundane, depressing, negative aspects.
Here is what I said. "I have been writing in one form or another for years. I have kept journals, written poetry and songs, and countless incomplete stories. Now I blog. I don’t know why other people write. I don’t know what motivates others. I am motivated by 2 things, getting my feelings out, specifically my positive and spiritual moments, and being my own best friend. I know that might sound silly. When I read something I wrote, even when I was a teenager, sometimes it is the exact thing I need. I even read my own blog sometimes and think “Wow. That is amazing!” I don’t mean this to sound vain. It is just that when I see myself and the things that have inspired me I am encouraged to keep going. It is really quite remarkable."

I am sharing this because I want to add to it. I have long been humbled that the Lord sometimes uses me to help others. I am even more amazed that He uses me to help myself. I truly believe this is the reason we are encouraged to keep a journal. When we read about the experiences we have had, personally, we are reminded of the Lord's hand in our lives. It is hard to be negative when our blessings are recorded in black and white. It increases our faith and confidence in Him as well. If He blessed us before, He will bless us again.

I recently listened to a broadcast on the Mormon Channel about Relief Society. Sister Beck suggested that sisters record their spiritual moments for future generations. She said we each can add to the history of Relief Society. When I heard this, I thought "Why wait? Why not share that history now?" I love to hear the spiritual experiences of others. They strengthen and encourage me. I can only hope that I do the same for others.

Of course some experiences are not meant to be shared. I have had moments that are only for me or those who were with me. I have considered sharing certain experiences and each time I just know I can not. They are not for the public. I have always liked Mary's example. Luke 2:19 records that "Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart." I imagine she had many experiences that were never meant for anyone but the mother of the Messiah.

No matter how cool or interesting an experience may be, sometimes we are not prepared to receive inspiration. I think those are the times when we are most irritated by the good fortune of others. I must admit that there have been times when I read something I wrote and think "I am SO not her today!" In truth I am mostly upset that I am on the downward sweep of a mood swing. I believe everyone has bad days (or weeks or years). I also believe they are never constant. There are moments of peace in the midst of even the most difficult challenges. That is the real truth we all want to share.

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