Thursday, August 11, 2011

From One Superwoman To Another

Our recent Fast and Testimony meeting was especially touching to me. Well, it wasn't just that meeting. Relief Society supported the message I got from the testimonies. Let me explain.

First, a young man stood to bear his testimony. He explained that was from American Samoa, here in Tennessee to play football for Austin Peay. His brother and mother also stood to share their love for the church and confidence that this young man would be in good hands among the members here.

I was very moved. I reflected that it would be hard to ignore that young man when we had been charged by his mother to look out for him. She also said that if we never met again she would see us all in the Celestial kingdom. I know I certainly wouldn't want to face that mother if I let her son fall by the wayside. I don't know how the others in the congregation felt but certainly felt that I had been given a sacred duty.

But is this a new assignment? NO! I have been given the charge to look after many of God's children. Through visiting teaching, callings in the church, family relationships, and simply friendships the Lord has placed his beloved sons and daughters in my path for a reason. Am I making sure they have what they need, both spiritually and temporally? Am I looking out for them?

This message became even more intense in Relief Society. A sister explained that she had not been active for a while and had decided it was time to return to church. Her mother was with her also. I wondered how many faithful mothers have sent their children out into the world praying that they will have good visiting teachers and local members who will help them stay on the straight and narrow path. How many of those grown children are overlooked and forgotten because we are too wrapped up in our own lives? How often do we assume they don't want to be at church when maybe they just need a friend?

I know it can be hard to know what a person needs. If only there were some way to know. If only we could ask someone who would always give us the right answer. Oh, wait! There is! Our Heavenly Father has repeatedly promised that if we ask we will receive. But we have to ask. We have to make some kind of effort.

I hope that I will make a better effort to show love and concern for each of Heavenly Father's children. I know I would not want to be one of those mothers whose child has been left to fend for themselves.

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Gaylor Family said...

Thank you for the reminder. My hubby went inactive after going active duty. Many times he said that if he had only had a home teacher come visit even once, he would have been encouraged to go to church. He was young, single, on his own, and didn't really want to go by himself. A kind word, hand out, would have been all it took. Thanks again, guess I better go make some visit teaching appointments.