Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Anniversary!

August 21st marks 2 years since I started this blog. Wow! It doesn't seem that long!

I started this with the idea that I might be able to make a few bucks from advertising. That hasn't really worked out.

I initially intended for this to be more practical than spiritual. Wrong again!

I even imagined becoming successful in a biggish kind of way. That didn't happen either.

I have spent 2 years pouring my heart out in this blog. It has been very therapeutic. I love to write. I may claim to be writing this for others but I am really writing for me.

I have been disheartened that most of my family doesn't bother to read what I have written here. I have come to think of this as a kind of legacy/ journal that my posterity might treasure one day. Now I wonder if that will happen either.

This blogging world has taught me one very valuable and humbling lesson: the importance of enduring.

In the midst of realizing how insignificant my influence is in the world, I have actually helped people. Not nameless strangers out in the void of the internet. Real people who I know and love have shared their appreciation for something I have shared.

It is easy to think that someone, somewhere needs me desperately and that only I can say or do the very thing they need. That is the stuff of wild imaginations and TV movies. It is the product of pride. The nasty kind.

In real life we encounter real people with real problems that are not resolved in 2 hours. It can be hard, VERY hard to reach out to a real person. Real people reach back! Sometimes they bite or slap or scream. More likely they laugh or sneer or mock. Occasionally they cry and hug and smile in that grateful way that pierces your heart. That wordless communing of spirits that bonds us forever are the moments that bring me back to the keyboard.

I know I should do more for people in person. I am working on that. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with the world and see what happens. It has been two amazing years. I hope for more to come!

Now I have something to ask of you, my readers.

During the month of August, do one or all of the following:
1: Leave a comment. Even if it is on an old post. I love to hear what people think.
2: Share my blog with someone.
3: Follow, if you aren't already, on blogger or facebook or email. If you want to follow in a way that isn't available, let me know and I will see what I can do.


Shboogoo's Mommy said...

Hi! I do like and relate to this post! I just thanked you for your comment on Mormanity. These sentences that you wrote are true for me, too:

"I love to write. I may claim to be writing this for others but I am really writing for me.

I have been disheartened that most of my family doesn't bother to read what I have written here."

At least I know my sister (and some friends) reads everything I post and has liked it. My mom doesn't see my blog as often, but she has less access to the Internet. I am glad your blog has helped people. I'm glad mine has done the same, even though my most popular post has only been viewed less than 80 times. :)

A. Davies said...

Amy, whether you achieve the purposes of your intent with this blog or not, you put a bright spot, a highlight that enriches lives. There are things in nearly every post that give me more perspective. I feel the spirit strongly when I read your posts, and I appreciate that you are willing to bare your testimony on your blog for the world to read. Save your posts, print them out, and your children WILL have a legacy to read one day when they are old enough to appreciate the deeply spiritual woman you are.