Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank Tank, Day 15

Today I am grateful for the multitude of blessings in my life that I really don't deserve.

Like being able to sit at a computer in my home and video chat with my husband in Afghanistan.

Or having kids who are growing into, you know, people...with ideas and ambitions and pride (the good kind and the bad kind).

How about the ability to go into a store and buy $100.00 worth of junk food?

Or drive.

Or send my children (boys AND girls) to school with shoes and coats and backpacks.

What about having a home that is warm and dry in this wacky Indian Summer weather we are having around here.

Oh, yeah, and the "tough" choices to make about how to spend an extra couple hundred dollars: MP3? Sewing Machine? MORE toys for the kids Christmas presents?

I saw this picture a few days ago. It brought tears of shame to my eyes. Yeah, I'm spoiled. Big time!!!


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