Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thank Tank

One day in early November 1900...something, my roommate placed and empty basket on the table. Next to the basket were small blank papers and pens. We were told to use this to record and share the things we were thankful for throughout the month. We affectionately called it the "Thank Tank".

I was surprised by the random things in my life that I became thankful for...like the smelly grease cutter stuff I had to sue to clean the grill each night at my job. Even though it was gross and smelly I had no doubt the job would be much harder without it.

This November I will be using my blog to share things I am thankful for. I plan to do this everyday but I might miss. In which case I am thankful for the post options that will let me write a post and schedule it to be published at a future date!

Feel free to join me in expressing thanks for every little thing!

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Stef said...

I like this name. I think I just may have to use this one on my piano for my family.
Found you on Mormon Moms Who Blog.