Monday, January 16, 2012

Same Question, Different Answers

Several of my non-LDS friends on facebook have been passing around a video titled "Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus". You can watch it here. While I disagree with some of the conclusions I find this somewhat interesting...and familiar.

Some of the ideas from the video are

"Religion is man made."

"Religion creates division."

"Religion makes you feel bad."

"Religion tells you what to do."

"Religious people are cruel."

"Religion leads people away from God."

In many ways, these ideas are true. Apparently this is becoming more evident to faithful people. They want to know how God's religion (Christianity) could bring about so much wickedness. The conclusion is that it couldn't. It doesn't. And that is the truth. But that is where most people stop. They conclude that there is no religion lead by God himself and either avoid churches altogether or participate in non-denominational programs. They fail to ask the most important question; Is there a true and official church of God on earth? Is there true and unfailing authority among men today?

In 1820, a young man named Joseph Smith felt equally disillusioned about religion. He was confused and frustrated by the contention between the denominations in his area. He searched the Bible and found a solution; ask God.

Now, according to his own account he expected to be given an Methodist or Presbyterian. He did not expect to learn that none of those religions was correct. He especially didn't expect to get his answer face-to-face from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ!

Joseph Smith was called to a prophet of God. He was given the daunting task of restoring the true Church of Jesus Christ. Some might think this should be a one time deal, like baking a cake. It is created and that's it. But the church isn't like that. It is living. The programs and  administration change and evolve according to the needs of the members. The doctrines and commandments remain the same. Does that make it less true?

Sometimes when I see things like this video I get excited. I see parallels with so many who have sought truth and found it. I see people questioning and seeking for more than they have.  Question is, will they keep searching until they find it?


Kristi said... I liked this response to that video. The video part of the response has just a couple of differences with my own views but it is a very good response to this man's flawed arguments, poor definition of terms and weak use of scripture.

Unknown said...

I think the guy from the first video and others like him oversimplify. I have learned that those who have sinned and have not repented feel gult and shame and see it in those around them. So they go to church where most people are welcoming and understnading (because they understand the need for God) but the sinners(for lack of a better distinction)know thye have done wrong adn feel bad and assume everyone is judging them. Theya re really judging themselves. I suspect those in church who do judge are in the same boat as the sinners, they are not living by faith but going through the motions.