Saturday, January 14, 2012

Superpowers 101: Trying New Things

Bountiful Baskets is new to my area. I heard about it from the beginning but I didn't try it until last week.


I was afraid. That's right. I was afraid that I would get a bunch of food my family wouldn't eat and I would have to throw it away. I hate being wasteful. I was afraid this might be a waste of time, money and precious food that someone else might enjoy.

I debated from week to week until I finally siced myself up enough to give it a try.

What the heck? If I didn't like it I wouldn't have to do it again.

I had mixed feelings as I looked a my basket. I saw apples and bananas(YEAH!!!) but I also saw mushrooms, zucchini and sweet potatoes. *chagrin*

Well, we might as well try them out, right?

I made zucchini bread with chocolate chips and pecans. It turned out AWESOME!!! I ate most of it because the kids were convinced there was something wrong with eating green bread.

Then I pan fried steak and sauteed the mushrooms in the pan with some butter. To my surprise 2 of my kids loved them! I added the leftover mushrooms to beef stroganoff.

Then came the sweet potatoes. I have only ever had them as the sweet syrupy marshmallow covered mash we have every year at Thanksgiving and possible in sweet potato pie. I dislike both dishes. A LOT!!!

I recent;y tried sweet potatoes fries for the first time and they weren't so bad. I decided to experiment.

I peeled, cubed, then roasted the sweet potatoes along side some regular potatoes just in case. I used garlic butter and a little salt and pepper and baked them for about an hour at 400 degrees. The regular potatoes were as good as ever but the sweet potatoes were great! They had kind of turned to mush but they tasted amazing! The kids didn't like those either but I finished off the leftovers the next day. As I right this I am salivating, longing for more. Who knew I would actually crave sweet potatoes!

I keep telling my kids to try new things. "You might like it but you won't know if you don't try it." I guess I need to take my own advice a little more often!

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