Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Burden


The Burden

By Amy Wilson Marshall

I walk along the prairie road, a slow and weary trek,

I pull a large and heavy load with a yoke around my neck.

It seems as though I pull the world, as if I’m on my own.

Although another shares my yoke I’m sure I walk alone.

Sometimes my burden is too heavy. I’m sure I’ll never make it.

When will I give up the load and let the other take it?

It seems unfair that I am working from morning until night

While my companion simply walks! It just doesn’t seem right!

Then, one day, as I start out I realize I’m alone.

The other ox is not with me. My burden is my own.

And I can’t make it, though I try, I barely move at all.

I just can’t pull it on my own. It’s just too much to haul.

Soon the other ox returns to share the load with me.

We pull a slow and steady pace but work tremendously.

We both are working very hard. We do our very best.

But sometimes I am pulling more; at times I’m pulling less.

Now, no matter what I pull, I know I share my load

And, together, we can reach the end of any road.