Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Never-Ending Stories

I love stories.

I like science fiction with aliens and space travel and genetic mutations.

I like fantasy with its faeries and dragons and magical worlds.

I like mysteries and comedies and dramas.

I like silly kids stories with talking animals or cars or flowers.

What I love most are personal stories. I think that is why I enjoy blogs so much. I want to hear the real, true stories of real people. I love them all. I love stories about their kids and their struggles and their triumphs. I love the spiritual moments and the silly ones.

I also like history. I don't care much about the dates. I like the stories of groups of people. The stories of places from long ago.

I think that  is why I enjoyed Europe so much. I felt like I was living in the middle of history. Everywhere I went I saw evidence of the stories I had learned in school or read about in books. Since we lived in Germany and Belgium I became quite familiar with WWII. The reality of that war, the devastation and heartache, became so much more meaningful. I could imagine what the people must have felt as the battles were waged all around them.

I also wondered about my grandfather. He was an American soldier in WWII. I know almost nothing about his time in service; a few dates, countries, his little unit in a huge army. But I don't know his story. He passed away before I cared enough to ask.

We might say something like "I guess we'll never know" or "That knowledge died with him". Those kinds of phrases are so common I even find myself saying them. But they simply are not true.

I will get to hear those stories someday. And my grandpa's war stories aren't the only ones! I will get to ask my great grandma about having twins in the 1920's. I can ask Granny Ball (my 3rd great grandma) about her conversion to the LDS church. I can ask my German ancestors about their immigration to America in the 1600's. I can hear about the lives of all those who have gone on before me.

And that's not all! I can hear about their experiences in the Spirit World! Since the veil of forgetfulness will be lifted we can even swap stories about our pre-mortal lives!

Are you as eager as I am!!!! The thought of these story-telling reunions is more exciting than any film debut or season finale that Hollywood can conceive!

This is why the great Plan of Happiness is so thrilling to me. This is why the Atonement is such a precious gift. Without it, our stories would end, lost forever in the grasp of death and hell and darkness. Because of Jesus Christ, we can go on. Our stories will continue. Forever and ever!

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