Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm Thankful For...# 8-13

Wow! I didn't realize I was so far behind! I have had a busy few (several!) days, I guess! Each has brought something different for me to be thankful for.

#8- Today I am thankful for the many family history resources available to me. I spent some time in the Family History Library at our local LDS meeting house. The family history consultant helped me figure out how to transfer some of my information into Familysearch. She also helped me try to figure out some of my crazy, mixed up family connections!

I am especially thankful for how much easier family history is now. I remember being dragged to local cemeteries with my mom, looking for any familiar family names and missing dates. Now that information is often available at the touch of a button!

#9- I am thankful for modern medicine. My 4-year-old daughter had been a little congested and generally puny for a few days. Now she had a rash over the trunk of her body. I took her to the doctor, suspecting she might have strep. A few minutes and quick strep test later, we were heading home with antibiotics. My husband and 6 -year-old were sick by Sunday. They opted for the shot in the behind.

We have experienced firsthand the dangers of this infection. I am so grateful that we can easily be treated for so many dangerous diseases. Just a few decades ago, it was rare to find a family who had not suffered in some way from contagious diseases. Now the opposite is true. What a wonderful blessing for our day!

#10- I am thankful for my super-handy hunk of a husband. Our new house has an open kitchen with the stove in the middle of the room. There was no vent or anything above the stove and we were concerned about damage to the ceiling over time. We got an estimate for having a hood vent installed. I t came in at almost $1000! My husband decided he would try it himself. It took some time and help from me and our oldest son but he managed to do it! It turned out great! I am always impressed with his ability to do things like this!

#11- I am thankful for missionaries! I was asked to speak in church This Sunday. My topic was  a talk from General Conference, "Ask The Missionaries! They Can Help You" In preparing my talk I realized that I have not really given the missionaries the credit they deserve. I am thankful for the selflessness of the thousands who have served the Lord in this way. They set aside their personal interests in order to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ, not only in words but in the countless ways they serve their brothers and sisters.

I am also thankful for those who serve our nation. They, too, sacrifice many of their own desires and comforts in service of others. They provide protection and support in times of peace and conflict. I am also acutely aware of the sacrifices their families make; not only their spouses and children but their parents, siblings, and other extended relatives. Many are directly affected by their choice to serve in the military. We can never thank them enough!

#12- I am thankful for my parents. They have taught me many valuable lessons and continue to offer their guidance to me. They are willing to do whatever they need to do to help tehir children. Their love and generosity are incalculable.

#13- I am thankful for modern communications. Our phone and Internet were down for a couple of days due to some old equipment. We were fortunate enough to have cell phones in case of emergency. (Another amazing blessing!) I realized how much I rely on that access to people and information whenever I need or want it.  Just prior to the Internet going down I had found the phone number for the on-call medical staff and directions to the hospital that my husband and son needed to go to. Without the Internet that information would have been more difficult to obtain. I also printed out the directions on our home printer.

And while we are talking about modern technology, I took my external hard drive to the family history center so I could easily access whatever information I needed that night.

AND I wouldn't be able to share any of this you if not for this amazing technology!

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