Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Thankful For...#15

I am thankful for my health. Sure, I have a few minor issues like aches and pains and seasonal allergies. Those are hardly worth mentioning. Especially compared to some of my friends. I have friends (who are actually younger than I am) suffering from serious illnesses... like cancer.

It can be SO easy to get wrapped up in my own petty complaints. I think that is why we are meant to interact with others. Knowing what my friends have been through gives me tremendous perspective and gratitude for my own health and that of my family members.

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Amy said...

I agree 1000%!!! I could not possibly be more blessed! I wish that those that we love did not have to go through these things either, but I guess you have to know the misery to appreciate the happiness! And sickness to appreciate the health!