Monday, February 18, 2013

Funny Things My Kids Have Said

My 10-year-old every time something is funny: "That's delirious!"

For weeks my 3-year-old has been asking for "My Pinchers". I couldn't figure out for the life of me what he was saying. He even made little pinching motions with his fingers. Finally, I said "Show me your pinchers." He brought me "The Avengers" DVD.   He still calls them "My Pinchers"

His new favorite is "Conformers." (Or possible CARformers, which is actually kind of cool!)


My 11-year old daughter brought me a magazine. She pointed to a photo and said excitedly "I think I know her! She was in my class last year!" I expressed my doubts. "But it looks just like her!" she went on. "It's the splitting image of her!"


My ten-year-old son gets words mixed up sometimes. Yesterday, his sister was trying to get him to do something for her. He got kind of worked up and yelled at her. "Who do you think I am? Cellerinda?"


He also says "wiqulid". (This one makes me smile every time!)

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