Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Superwoman Parables: 3 Little Pigs

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. They went out into the world to build homes for their families. They were warned about the dangers of the Big Bad Wolf. Their mother told them that they must build strong homes or the Big Bad Wolf would get inside and destroy their family.

The first little pig went into the big wide world and started looking for something to build a house with. He wanted to build his home quickly so he could have plenty of time to enjoy the fun and excitement of the world, so he decided to build his house out of straw. It might not be the strongest but he didn't really expect the wolf to come after him. After all, he had a small family. If the wolf did come, it wouldn't take much effort to protect them.  They would not be spending much time there anyway so why put a lot of effort into it?

The second little pig wanted a home that was strong and sturdy. He worked hard building a home out of wood. It was hard work and the little pig got tired after a while. He didn’t take the time to seal the gaps between the logs or treat it for termites. He wanted to enjoy the big wide world like his brother. He had worked hard on his house. He expected it to last a long time.

The third little pig wanted a home that was strong and secure. He built his home out of bricks. He worked long and hard each day, mixing the mortar, laying the bricks, checking the foundation for cracks. His brothers teased him about being obsessed with his home. “That is good enough!" They cried "There is more to life! Come enjoy it with us!" The little pig did enjoy his life. He took pleasure in making his home beautiful and safe. He liked feeling peaceful on a stormy night because he knew his home was secure.

One day, the Big Bad Wolf came to the woods. He first came to the house made out of straw. He saw the little pig and thought what a yummy dinner he would make. The pig saw the wolf and fled to his house and locked the door. But the wolf only laughed. “You can’t hide from me! I can get into your house easily. The wolf huffed and puffed and in no time he had blown down the straw house. The little pig barely escaped with his life!

He ran to his brother's house and begged to come inside. The brothers huddled inside the wooden house as the Big Bad Wolf banged on the door and demanded to be let in. He huffed and puffed after some effort, he blew the wooden house down. The wood had become soft and weak because the pig had not maintained it.

The little pigs ran to the house of their brother. He let them in and they all huddled together as the wolf came to the brick house. He banged on the door, he blew and tried to chip away at the mortar but the house was well made. The wolf was clever and did not give up easily. He tried to tempt the pigs and trick them into leaving their sanctuary. Then he tried to find a way inside through the chimney. Even though the little pig had worked hard to build a strong house, the wolf was determined to get inside. The only solution was to destroy the wolf. The little pig was prepared and was able to fight off the wolf and keep his home safe.

This story is a wonderful parable for all families today. Satan is like the Big Bad Wolf, banging on our doors, chipping at our mortar and blowing at the weaknesses. He wants nothing more than to get inside and destroy our happiness. We are all capable of defeating his attempts and keeping our homes and families safe. It just takes effort.

At times I feel like the smart little pig that worked hard and kept the wolf at bay with his house of bricks. Other times I feel like my house if as weak and vulnerable as the house made out of straw.

Even the most secure homes, those with loving and watchful parents, can still be susceptible to the tricks and traps of the adversary. In fact, he may even try harder, just as the wolf did with the little pigs. I know that if we keep trying and seek the Lord’s help, we can keep our homes and families safe.

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