Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Things For Friday, volume 1

1. I am linking up with Women In The Scriptures in her "Five Things For Friday" Post. Just because. So here are 4 more random thoughts from me.

2. My husband is leaving soon for Afghanistan. This is his first deployment in 6 years. My kids barely remember the last time. We are all stressed out. I find myself mentally counting down the days until he leaves, thinking "We have to this before he leaves." or "That can wait until he leaves." It's making me crazy! I am trying to distract myself but it isn't working very well.

3. 5 kids in school now. Wow. I feel like time is going by and I am not even noticing. I tend to be a procrastinator and this is just one more reminder that I can't put things off forever. My dad used to say "Indecision becomes decision with time." I tend to take that route. I wait until the choice is made for me. "I can't go now, I didn't make arrangements." I have to do that today or I won't be able to at all." It isn't the best way to get through life.

4. We ate a tiny little watermelon from our garden yesterday. It had spilt and was going to rot if we left it. It was about the size of a softball. It was really sweet but warm from being in the sun. We are still getting tomatoes, though not as many as before. I took James and Claire to pick the last few Raspberries. James ate them all as fast as I could pick them. Then he picked about six cherry tomatoes and ate those too! It was so cute with tomatoes seeds running down his chin! He's becoming a picky eater so I am glad he eats something fresh once in a while!

5. WARNING! CHOIR RANT! I need to blow off a little steam and I apologize if you get burned!  I have been choir director for about 4 months. I have been having practices every Wednesday night. I have added Sunday before church (we have Sacrament meeting at 12:00). I have consistently had 4 or 5 people attend choir practice. Not all of them every time. I often have just one person. It is very hard to have a choir one person! This week I had 4 Sopranos. They did a great job. But they need the least practice. People keep complaining that they want to sing their parts but they don't show up for practice and they don't practice at home so the choir often sounds like I picked a bunch of people form the congregation and handed them a hymnal. No blending, no dynamics, ...I'll stop. Those who make an effort do a wonderful job. It would be nice if more people were as dedicated.


Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

My heart goes out to you about the choir thing. That would be a tough job! And best wishes with your husband's deployment. In my book all military moms are all ready superwomen. Just know that your sacrafice is very much appreciated by the rest of us.

Negri Up North said...

Thanks for letting me read your blog. Good luck in all your preparations for your husband's deployment-you'll make it. One thought on choir (you know you get advice if you rant), the best choirs we had were the ones that didn't sing every month. We had choir numbers (usually 3 songs with 8 - 10 rehearsals) for Christmas, Easter, and a nice hymn here or there and practice when we needed it. Maybe that will take some of the stress off you. We have also done "spontaneous choir" which is the bishopric will announce that morning that we will have a spontaneous choir number and what it is for the intermediate hymn, and that morning I will have handed out little cards to some of the stronger singers in different voices with the instructions for the hymn inviting them to sing with the choir that day and it is surprising! One time we had 21 one people (I invited about 12) come up and sing! Some people love to sing but they just aren't confident enough or don't have the time to rehearse, or plain forget. Keep trying and just enjoy it.