Sunday, October 9, 2011

So Many Temples? Food For Thought

I watched this video a few days ago. Several people are asked where they would like to see a temple built. One woman said India. Probably the most exotic. I thought about this video for a few days. It struck me that no one said Iraq or Egypt or Mongolia. What about China? Sure there is a temple in Hong Kong but what about the 1.3 BILLION people there without the gospel?

It is wonderful that we have "so many" temples on the earth. But we are really kidding ourselves if we think we are even close to where we need to be. I have even heard people say "Another temple? Why?" This shows just how sheltered we can be sometimes in our little ward cocoons.

Here are some figures to give you perspective. I got most of this information from LDS Newsroom and the US Census Bureau.

State Population: 2, 763, 885
Members of the LDS Church: 1,910,343
Number of temples: 15 (including newly announced Provo Tabernacle)
People per temple: 184, 259
Percentage of population that is LDS: .6911

North Carolina
State Population: 9,535,483
Members of the LDS Church: 76,865
Number of temples: 1
People per temple: 9,535,483
Percentage of population that is LDS: 0.0081

State Population: 625,741China
Members of the LDS Church: 4,384
Number of temples: 0
People per temple: 0
Percentage of population that is LDS: 0.0070

National Population: 1,339,724,852
Members of the LDS Church (Hong Kong): 24, 425
Numbers of Temples: 1
People per temple: 1,339,724,852
Percentage of population that is LDS: so small it freaked out my calculator

Population: 6,967,355,715
Members of the LDS Church: 14,131,467
Number of Temples: 166 (including newly announced temples)

People per temple: 41,972,022.4
Percentage of Population that is LDS: 0.0020

Here is one finally morsel to chew on: If we had temples world wide in the same proportions as Utah, we would have 37,812 temples on the earth! Vermont would have 3, North Carolina would have 51 and China would have 7,270!

I don't share this to discourage you. I share this to motivate you. We still have a lot (and I mean a LOT) of work to do. Those of us who are fortunate enough to belong to this wonderful Church of God should also realize how unique we really are. Looking at these numbers I am deeply humbled. I feel the weight upon my shoulders to carry out the work of God. I worry that I might stumble and get trampled as the work continues on without me! I hope that we all feel the honor of responsibility the Lord has placed in our hands to spread His gospel to the world.

To find these figures for your own state or country, go to LDSnewsroom and divide the membership number with your local population.

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Wendy Williams said...

Awesome bit of perspective, thanks! I was also a little troubled by some of the comments. We earn temples through our own temple worship, and we do still have tons to do! There is so much work still to be accomplished. Thanks for sharing!!!